Derek Power performance on The Voice Ireland

Blind Audition performance at The Voice of Ireland Series 2. For more videos and backstage news check out the website:

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  1. derek power / February 3, 2013

    Hi Derek Power here,hope u enjoy my performance. Checkout my virtual cartoon band Electro Dolls début motion comic video,song is 'Dirty Dogs'. Enjoy 🙂
    Just copy and paste this:
    ELECTRO DOLLS DIRTY DOGS Official Motion Comic Video

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  3. Ray Clinton / February 3, 2013

    well done derek great job you proably remember me from IEC done the artwork for you're single infection still have it signed by you hope you will become famous and it will be worth lots of money 🙂 no but seriously best of luck in the competition 🙂 rooting for you 🙂 ray clinton (in the QC room in IEC)

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  5. derek power / February 4, 2013

    Ah yeah Ray,how u keeping? I'm still trying to shift those copy's haha. Great job bud. See there is life after IEC haha. Thanks Pal 🙂

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  7. arsenalmanic / February 4, 2013

    nice voice !

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  9. derek power / February 4, 2013

    Thanks Bud.

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  11. arsenalmanic / February 4, 2013

    You're welcome sir.

    I dont know if these preliminary rounds are pre-recorded or not. If you are still in the comp as im typing this post, IMO you need to relax and move around the stage more. Also make sure you choose do current songs as well as old-school classics. These judges on these talent shows are obsessed about things like "current" "make the song your own" etc… 🙂

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  13. derek power / February 4, 2013

    Thanks for the advice,I usually move around but for the blind show I just concentrated on the vocals. U'll see me move on the battle show,thanks again 🙂

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  15. derek power / February 5, 2013

    Haha I'll be moving around like a headless chicken later 😀

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  17. arsenalmanic / February 5, 2013

    Moving around wasnt the correct word. Adele is one of the biggest singers in the world, and she just sits/stands and lets her voice entertain. I meant ENGAGE with the audience. Also take an unlikely song.genre,and put your own twist/stamp on it. They love that stuff. They will call you an artist, making it your own 🙂

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