Tamzie Duarte Fransen – Not That Kind (The Blind Auditions | The voice of Holland 2014)

The Blind Audition van Tamzie Duarte Fransen. Ze zingt het nummer “Not That Kind” van Anastacia.

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The Voice Worldwide

  1. Chloë Hagemans / October 10, 2014


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  3. xshainx everlark / October 11, 2014


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  5. Dione van der Laan / October 19, 2014


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  7. Sascha Waack / March 8, 2015

    this lady was on tour supporting joe cocker, blondie, did play lead roles in musicals, worked in studios with big shot producers for tv and commercials, she did more gigs then most people will ever do, and these 4 wankers don't turn their asses round??? i dunno what the fuck they said, and it doesn't matter, bunch of arseholes really. who the fuck are they anyway???. fuck this casting crap !!!

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  9. Camille Bos / September 29, 2015

    vois offffff😍♏ kijk jullie echt elke avond

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